Neighborship (Noun) The state or condition of being neighbors; a community, connection, or relationship between or among people and/or things which is based simply on living close geographically.
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New Era for Tiny Homes in Oakland

Tiny House Community Site Plan

Tiny Homes now legal on private property

On November 2, Oakland City Council voted unanimously to approve the Housing Options Ordinance that would change blight, building and zoning codes to allow for residential use of RV’s and Tiny Homes on wheels on private property in residential zones. While this is a win for homeowners interested in helping their family or potentially licensing space for a Tiny Home Owner to use a backyard, it does not allow for Neighborship “No Parking” to exist in its current form. This ordinance requires that spaces, where multiple units live in community, must come up with what we estimate is $50,000 to pay for a sewer line. This is still a far cry from the vision of affordable spaces for people to live in tiny homes on wheels. We are not yet sure if we can cover the $17,000 in Oakland fees on the property we lease and if we must shutdown. Stay tuned. However if you are a Homeowner with a curiosity of what could be possible in your backyard, the law now abides, we'd love to help you explore your options, please complete our Backyard Intake Survey.



Neighborship is currently in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status. It is dedicated to affordable housing in the form of Tiny Home Communities. We serve Tiny Home Owners in their pursuit of Home. We facilitate the operations and administration of resident-run Tiny Home Communities. Modeled after Berkeley Student Cooperative, Neighborships' mission is to provide administrative, safety, and compliance support in partnership with residents to operate affordable urban cooperative eco-villages. 

The vision is a world where homes are as prevalent and easy to acquire as a car paired with an abundance of permanent spaces to park them and plug in. In this world, homelessness is a concept outlined in history books. 


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