Neighborship (Noun) The state or condition of being neighbors; a community, connection, or relationship between or among people and/or things which is based simply on living close geographically.
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Help Legalize "No Parking"!

Tiny House Community Site Plan
We Helped Legalize Tiny Homes in Oakland in 2021!

Now to avoid shutting down our 7-year-old Tiny Home Community we need to raise $149,000 to install a sewer line and bathroom facilities to comply with the new Permit. $375,000 is what we need to fully fund our vision to provide affordable supportive housing for those who feel most comfortable in their homes on wheels and just need a home for them.       

Neighborship 2022 Projected Budget


Tiny Homes Can Now legally park in Oakland Backyards!


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Neighborship is dedicated to affordable housing in the form of Tiny Home Communities. We serve Tiny Home Owners by facilitating the operations and administration of resident-run urban cooperative Tiny Home eco-villages. 

Tiny homes (movable studios) are free from land value, and able to plug in and out of license agreements within backyards and larger communities of tiny home clusters. Housing is accessible and stable thanks to the flexible nature of tiny homes on wheels. In this world, there is an abundance of spaces to live without paywalls. Homelessness is a concept from history books.  



To serve as an administrative body composed of and cooperatively organized by Tiny Home Enthusiasts that sustains land, leases, contracts, insurance, and Trust from Government, Neighbors, and Stakeholders in the service of creating and operating low cost and low impact spaces for people to live in Tiny Homes.

Neighborship Bylaws


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