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Candida Haynes

Community Elder

Social Impact Consultant, Ethical Developer, Computer Scientist in the Wild.

Candida Haynes has lived in a socially conscious co-op community in Oakland since 2017. As a software developer, she mentored social justice organizations in Oakland, helping them develop technology to scale their work and make sure their technologies are aligned with their social justice values and priorities.

Progressive experience – over ten years as an educator, program manager, and operations manager – informs her contributions as process manager, collaborator, and builder. After working to support technical and nontechnical founders from underrepresented groups with one of Oakland’s global social impact investors, Candida continues to support entrepreneurs and new technologists in the East Bay's emerging technology scene.

She is an avid contributor to the local and global technology community and self-taught software developer who found her way to programming through an interest in social media tools and relentless curiosity about their underlying technology. She is passionate about collaborative learning, civic engagement, voting rights, and helping people use technology to amplify their potential.

Candida Haynes
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