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No Parking Tiny Home Community

1778 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

Property Description

No Parking is Neighborship’s Founding Community. It was created in March of 2015 by 6 individuals who lived in 5 Tiny Homes on wheels. They were brought together by a desire to live lightly on the land and their pocketbooks. Currently, our community is under code enforcement from former blight codes that ban RV's on private property. A Housing Options Ordinance was recently passed that opens the door to communities like ours being able to exist, however, we must make significant changes and raise large amounts of money to achieve this. We both celebrate this victory for Tiny Home legality and are saddened by the existing class politics that still legislate away our viable housing alternative. Here are Neighborships comments on the Ordinance. Stay tuned.

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Property Details

Property Type

Movable Tiny Home Community





450 sqft


Year Built


Property Location

1778 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

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