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Union Point on the Rise

This page holds links to the history and evolving working documents of the Union Point on the Rise Community. It includes links to meeting audio, transcripts, notes, images, news clips and operating documents. It is meant to be useful to both the current members of the UPOR Tiny Home Community and anyone else interested in the details of the program and its process.

For more information on What Co-Governance means, you can download this report commissioned by the City of Oakland.


Or listen to this podcast interview with a resident from Opportunity Villiage in

Eugene, Oregon, which is often pointed to as one of the best examples of the model.  

After some preliminary discussion at Union Point Park, the group began meeting weekly on Monday’s at 2:30 to discuss how they would govern themselves, operate and secure their eventual space and the rules and processes they could see working for them. We continue to meet weekly. This page is where the links to documents. meeting audio, images and notes lives.

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